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You May Soon be Able to Have Your Dog With You at the Hospital!

ABC Good Morning America reported today that several hospitals around the country have expanded their dog therapy programs. They now allow some patients’ dogs to stop by for a visit. Advocates say that the visits can improve a patient’s moods, pain and comfort level.

One such program was initiated at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston four years ago. For children who must have extended stays, a social worker or child life specialist can speak with the doctor and the doctor can then approve the visit. At Children’s Hospital in Texas, the national organization PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support) coordinates the visit. A representative from PAWS works with the family to ensure the vaccines are up to date and the dog has a bath just prior to visiting. ┬áThe family meets the PAWS volunteer at the hospital entrance to make sure the dog’s behavior is appropriate for the visit.

Methodist Hospital System, also in Houston pioneered the program almost a decade ago. Tricia Lewis, nursing director, says that in the history of the program at her hospital there have been no bad incidents. “No bites, no infections.”

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Dogs Now Allowed in Some Hospitals

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