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Woman spends months trying to save stray dog in Mesa

I enjoyed reading this article! It’s nice to read some good news in the news; so I thought I would share this with you. The following excerpt is from an article written by Scott Craven for the The Arizona Republic on September 7, 2010:

It was just one dog.

It roamed a concrete basin south of Mesa’s Fiesta Mall, not far from a two-story parking garage where everyday shoppers likely caught a glance of the stray, scared and dirty, ribs poking through matted fur. Maybe they shook their heads and felt pity before stuffing their bags into their trunks and driving away.

Because it was just one dog.

A few months earlier, it had been two dogs. A large yellow dog ran with the smaller, scrawny one, until a rescue agency was called and took away the yellow dog, which eventually had to be euthanized.

But the smaller dog was too smart, too fast to be taken in. And so the man carrying the long pole with the noose gave up, hopping into his truck and disappearing.

Leaving just the one dog.

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