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Thinking about flying with your pet?

With the holidays coming up, many people will be flying to other places. If you are thinking about flying with your pet, you may wish to consider a couple of things. Your pet would likely be happier staying at home with a pet sitter or staying at a boarding facility.

If your pet must travel, it might qualify as a carry-on item as long as its carrier can fit under your seat. If it is too large to be carried-on, your pet will have to fly as cargo. While there are regulations in place to help ensure the safety of animals in the cargo hold, flying as cargo can be very stressful and even dangerous for your pet(s).

Normally I only provide one link per post; but I felt this post warrants two links. The first link will take you to an article which recommends against pets travelling as cargo. The second link takes you to a website which provides tips for making a dog’s airplane trip safer.

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