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Smart dog learns more than 1,000 words

I have known that dogs can be very smart; but I was very surprised to hear about this dog! I had no idea that dogs were capable of learning that many words. Apparently they can even learn the difference between nouns and verbs too!

As a kid, I always wished my dog could talk. He always seemed to be a good listener though. Now I wonder how many words he really understood. The dog I have now knows some words too…her favorite ones are “dogfood” followed by “outside” and “walk.”

The following excerpt is from an article written by Kerry Sheridan, AFP for Mother Nature Network. It was last updated on 3:21PM EST on Jan 7, 2011:

Chaser learned the names for 1,022 toys, so many that her human handlers had to write on them in marker so they wouldn’t forget.

She just might be the smartest pooch ever.

A border collie has learned more than 1,000 words, showing U.S. researchers that her memory is not only better than theirs, but that she understands quite a bit about how language works.

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