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SCRAP THE SCRAPS: Common foods can be pooch poison

It can be very hard to resist those cute “puppy dog eyes” that Fido uses to guilt you into sharing your food with him; but this article might help strengthen your resolve. Sharing human food doesn’t only lead to overweight pets…it can also be deadly!

The following excerpt is from an article written by Corey Levitan for the Las Vegas Review-Journal on October 17, 2010:

Dogs can eat poop. So they can eat anything, right?

Wrong. In fact, some of the most dangerous substances to feed Fido come from your very own dinner table.

Plenty of human foods are safe for dogs, such as rice, carrots and skinless broiled chicken. But plenty aren’t. And unless you’re a vet, it’s hard to know.

Dr. David Henderson of Sunrise Veterinary Clinic sees one or two canine food poisoning cases per month. It’s not just our digestive systems that differ, according to Henderson, but our metabolic tolerances.

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