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Pet Talk: Dogs behaving badly? Experts have some answers

This article was written by Sharon L. Peters for USA Today’s Paw Print Post. It is based on a previous article written about a fence-lunging German Shepherd which escaped its fence and attacked her dog. Based on her readers’ comments and emails, she compiled a list of questions for two of the trainers she had quoted in that article. She asks the trainers questions that cover:

  • a dog that’s friendly to people and other dogs that it knows but barks at unfamiliar dogs
  • dogs that bark at other people and dogs when they are home but are shy and timid when away from home
  • which breeds are more likely to be territorial
  • a dog which barks and growls at people and dogs walking by on the sidewalk
  • how to talk to a neighbor that has a fence-lunging dog

Click here to read the article.

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