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Man rescues his dog from alligator, revives it with CPR

Here’s a story that you don’t hear about everyday! Who would have expected a happy outcome in a confrontation between a six-foot-four-inch alligator and a little Jack Russell terrier…well a happy outcome for the dog at least!

The following excerpt is from an article written by staff and news service reports from the website last updated on November 5, 2010 at 4:41:58 PM ET:

Lizabeth the terrier experienced the canine terror of being dragged underwater in an alligator’s jaws — and lived to bark the tale.

The gator wasn’t so fortunate.

Tom Martino said he and his Jack Russell terrier were taking their afternoon walk along the Hillsborough River in Tampa on Thursday when he heard splashing — the alligator had snatched the 15-pound dog off riverside rocks and pulled her into the water.

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