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Local vets warn dog owners of parvo threat

The canine parvovirus can be deadly to dogs.  It is very contagious! All it takes for your dog to become infected is direct contact with an infected dog, the “doody” from an infected dog, or even contaminated soil. The virus can survive for over a year! Your dog could become infected while on a walk or at a dog park. Fortunately it is also very easy to prevent an infection! Most vet clinics charge less than $25 for the vaccination.

The following excerpt is from an article written by Bethany Monroe for the Molalla Pioneer on October 7, 2010:

Some local veterinarians have seen recent cases of canine parvovirus and are encouraging dog owners to make sure their puppies are not put at risk.

“The biggest thing for people to know is that if they get their animal vaccinated, it will be prevented,” said Dr. Kimberly McBride at Hope Animal Hospital in Molalla.

McBride has seen about six young dogs with parvo in recent months and South Clackamas Veterinary Service has treated three cases lately. Molalla Veterinary Clinic has not seen any recent parvo cases.

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