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Has Seattle Gone to the Dogs?

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How many times have we seen proud dog owners around Seattle out walking with their pooches?! These days, we often see more persons with dogs than with children. There’s a good reason, according  to Seattle Magazine’s article,”Seattle’s Dog Obsession;’ there are now 153,000 dogs in Seattle city limits and only 107,178 children! Beyond just owning a dog, Seattleites are spending more than ever on accessories for their pets. Sales of dog clothes, hats, leashes, toys, beds and high-end pet food is ever on the rise. Also, popping up all over town are doggy boutiques, doggy day care and gourmet dog food stores. Dogs are accompanying their owners to retail stores, church, and coffee shops — you name it, they are there.  To read the complete article from Seattle Magazine, click here.


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