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Mandy loves running around in her clean yard! The guy from Doody First does a great job. You can tell that he really loves dogs. Our dog Mandy really likes him.


I used to be nervous whenever my family would throw my tennis ball. Thanks to Doody First, I don’t worry about where my ball lands anymore!


Butch loves nothing more than playing in our backyard, and we love to play with him, too. But after a week or two of Northwest rain, the yard is not a place fit for man nor beast. That’s what inspired us to try Doody First. Now both Butch and the family is getting the most out of our yard.


Before Doody First came along, I was afraid to go outside in my own yard for fear of finding something unpleasant. Now I am fearless! I can run all over the yard without worrying about putting my paw in something bad. And my people don’t make ‘that face’ at me anymore when they’re out in the yard. Well, they still scold me for digging, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!


My boy is almost as cute as me, but when it comes to keeping my backyard clean, I need professional help. Thanks, Doody First! My mom and dad look at me and shake their heads, wondering how such a small dog can leave such a mess in so many places in our big yard. The nice person from Doody First comes regularly and takes the mess away. Sure, I may bark and run all over the house when they come, but I really do appreciate them!