While having¬†been in the cleaning business for over 8 years, we have noticed the growing need to provide an extension of our service to the outdoors. Our clients’ pets are an important part of their lives and have unique cleaning needs and requirements. We are now prepared to address those needs through Doody First. Since 2010, our staff are fully trained in the proper pick-up, sanitation and disposal of dog waste.

With today’s busy lifestyles, we find between work, home, school, kids, errands, and if anytime left over a social life, there is very little time or energy left in a day for the chore of picking up canine waste. For the cost of a fast food meal, a couple of gourmet coffees, or a few movie rentals you could free yourself from one of your most dreaded weekly chores. Having a professional scooper clean up your dog waste takes away the only unpleasant task of being a dog owner!¬† Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy this very affordable service!